Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not ready to start decisive game against Porto

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AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli has revealed Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not ready to start decisive game against Porto of their Champions League on Tuesday.

AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli confirmed on Monday that Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not yet complete enough to start in the away game. Porto, who are the decisive game for the Red Devils’ future in the Champions League this season, according to Sky Sport Italia.  

Milan have lost their first two Champions League games this season against Liverpool and Atletico Madrid. While Porto have just one point from their opening two draws with Atletico.  Before losing the nest to the Reds Army. So Tuesday’s confrontation will be the decisive game for both clubs to see which side will win the title to keep their breath going.

‘We were facing strong and strong opponents,’ Pioli said of Porto. ‘They have fast attacking players and a well-prepared coach.

‘It will be a match that will present the difficulty that is typical of high-end games.’

With the current situation in Group B, Pioli stressed that the two games AC Milan will play against Porto will determine the fate of the Red Devils in the Champions League this season. 

‘Two games against Porto could be the final decision’, adding that he will also make some adjustments for the Estadio du Dragao away on Tuesday.

‘(Rade) Kru Nich can play in the starting lineup. He’s fighting for a place against (Daniel) Maldini,’ Pioli said: ‘Rade is fine, he can start or enter a game at some point.

‘(Ismael) Bennacer is fine as well. He’s ready for tomorrow.’

Pioli also said winning the Champions League was one of the things missing in the Red Devils’ return to greatness.

‘We still lack what will make us great again,’ Pioli said. ‘It is on the right track. But we still have many steps to take to win.’

‘That is , We have to be focused and clear in every situation. So We used to pay high prices for every mistake. We need full attention.’

‘We lost the first two games. due to two moments of negligence’

Pioli also referred to Ibrahimovic’s conditions ahead of Tuesday’s game against Porto: ‘He’s definitely getting better. But he was not in a position to play from the first minute.’

‘Ibra is fine, but the main thing for us is to keep him in good shape. He is ready to compete with all players.’