Grading Chelsea players in revenge game Middlesbrough

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Grading Chelsea players in revenge game Middlesbrough are a joke 6-1 and advance to the Carabao Cup final: Player Ratings.

• It’s not even a different movie from the first game, when Chelsea were superior to Middlesbrough. since the previous appointment
• What’s different is today. “Shot in” first half 4-0, second half closed at 6-1 until reaching the Carabao Cup final as intended
• And this is the ability score of Chelsea’s players in this game.

Goals: 1-0 Jonny Howson (self shot) 15th, 2-0 Enzo Fernandez 29th, 3-0 Axel Disasi 36th, 4-0 Cole Pal. Mer 42, 5-0 Cole Palmer 77, 6-0 Noni Madueke 81, 6-1 Morgan Rogers 88

After losing 0-1 at the Riverside, Chelsea certainly have work to do in order to knock them out. Middlesbrough out of the way. But it turned out to be an “easy job” that the Blues fans couldn’t believe their eyes. That the picture in front of the score of 4-0 in the first half would become reality until in the end, Chelsea won 6-1 decisively and entered the Carabao Cup final beautifully. According to ufabet

Chelsea player ratings

Jorje Petrovic – 6 – had to save his team in the first 16 minutes with Morgan Rogers’ joint-breaking shot at the first post, but has since disappeared from the game. Let’s go. Its job is to kick open the game only. Until losing 1-6 at the end of the game, I had to admit that my opponent really shot well.

Ben Chilwell – 8 – Returns to the starting XI. and very prominent in the first half Both the insertion moment and the stabbing for Raheem Sterling to pass to Armando Broya brought the goal 1-0 early in the 15th minute, with the standing area sometimes being like the middle of the attack. even on the left side

Levi Colville – 7 – moved inside to partner Thiago Silva and in the first half he meshed well with the seniors. Able to deal with the away team’s offensive game without error. The second half also had a shot of its own making it almost 5-0, while in the last half hour the left back had to be stretched out when Ben Chilwell was taken off for a rest.

Thiago Silva – 8 – Northern football class, manages to eat, cut the ball, tag in, very smooth in the first half. Closed the attacking game of the visiting team with almost no chance to win the score. But the second half was a little wrong. With the moment of cutting the game until getting a yellow card

Axel Disasi – 9

Starts at right-back. which even though they don’t play here very often But this match was considered brilliant, coordinating with Raheem Sterling until he slipped in and passed the ball in the goal 2-0, followed by charging Sterling’s smooth pass for a 3-0 goal at the end of the first half. As for when Alfie Gilchrist has come on as a substitute and Disasi has moved into the center back position as usual.

Moises Caicedo – 6 – Low down in midfield as usual. Including having a duty to cut off the game and chase after the ball. But today, Chelsea’s offensive game is stuck until goals keep pouring in. Caicedo’s job isn’t heavy, he doesn’t have to do much.

Enzo Fernandez – 8 – Fresh start to the game. There is a moment to show off beautiful moves. And added in a sharp 2-0 goal in the 29th minute and still had a chance to shine again in the 33rd minute, but shot a little too softly until it went into the goalkeeper’s hand. While the second half played safely. When the score is gone

Mikailo Mudric – 6 – Deployed as usual on the left wing. And it’s not easy to face Raf van den Berg, a giant 190 cm young star back, especially today’s piece that many people have. Once he had to stretch out along the far left line, opening the way for Ben Chilwell to add to the game inside instead. until becoming the first person to be replaced

Cole Palmer – 8

Deployed as a center forward. A bit quiet at the beginning When the ball didn’t arrive and there was almost no scene on the screen. But when the decisive moment came, he managed to make no mistake, stealing the ball from Daniel Barlaser to entice the target to break the goal 4-0, followed by the second half in the 77th minute, setting up his feet with emphasis on a pass from Connor Galla. Ger is 5-0

Raheem Sterling – 9 – Top form in the first half, doing great with a solo through ball from Ben Chilwell in the 15th minute to score a 1-0 lead as well. The 2-0 goal, which started with Sterling’s heel strike, put Axel Disasi into danger. And added perfection with an accurate cut for Disasi to charge the ball 3-0.

Armando Broya – 7 – With a 1-0 goal in the 15th minute, this praise may not be enough. With a bit of slowness turning out to be good, Jonny Howson slammed the ball in front. And it turned out to be an own goal for the Boro captain, or 2-0. In fact, the shot was blocked. But it still turned out to be good again, allowing the ball to enter the path of Enzo Fernandez, who pressed in clear.