Everton invade Watford 0-0, leading the relegation zone by 2 points.

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Everton’s always unbeaten Watford 0-0 in the Premier League. By now Everton 2 points ahead of the relegation zone and has 1 game in hand.

At Craven Cottage, it’s an escape battle for Everton who need a win to keep their chances in their hands. While the Hornets have been relegated earlier.

The game started as Watford, who had no pressure in possession and had a better attack against the visitors from Merseyside. But then Everton set the game and had a chance from Richarlison’s shot blocked. And the next stroke UFABET hit the ricochet across the bar.

Then, as Watford had the opportunity to win Edo Kayembe. A deflected shot into the direction of Samuel Kalou, standing not offside. But pushing too quickly, smashing the ball over the bar behind him.

Played up to the 31st minute, Taffy blue, with a thrilling Alex Iwobi opened the ball into Anthony Gordon’s way of shooting hard to send the ball out of the frame.

The second half is still an open game.

 Both sides tried to find opportunities to score goals, but the timing was not decisive, with Watford having a chance from a free-kick from Ken Sema for Moussa Sissoko to strike out of the box.

Next is the rhythm of blue toffee From a throw-in from the right, Richarlison dropped the ball before following Christian Cabasele’s ricochet. But Ben Foster brushed the tip of his hand a little. So the ball went out of the box.

Everton missed out on the lead in the 62nd minute. Alex Iwobi flowed for Demare Gray to rush into the penalty area. Before pulling the trigger to send the ball off the pole a little.

The game ended with a 0-0 draw, divided by points by team, with Everton now holding 16th, two points ahead of the relegation zone and playing less than 1 game.