Dean Henderson pointed out fans have not seen his best performance yet

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Manchester United goalkeeper Dean Henderson has pointed out that fans have not seen his best form yet. Ready to strive to continue to prove the value to the team.

         The England goalkeeper stepped up into the starting XI at the end of last season. But this year, there is an injury and David de Gea has done a great job holding the team’s number one position at the moment.

         Henderson featured in the Carabao Cup defeat to West Ham earlier, pointing to the team’s lack of form and hopes to get the chance to play.

         “It was a difficult two or three months for me. But coming back now in the midst of what happened and feeling full of great feelings,” said Henderson.

         “Obviously it stopped me at the beginning of the season and I was unlucky to get sick. In the end you have to lift your head and come back stronger.”

         “I feel great and I just want to play and prove my worth. I’m still not at my best in a Manchester United shirt, I feel good, very good, now it’s all about the performance of each game.”

         “Hopefully I’ll get a chance and I’ll build on it and do the best you can see me in a United shirt.” According to reports by ufabet