Barcelona fan are fewer entering the stadium than expected

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Barcelona fan are fewer entering the stadium than expected. Fan arriving for the Camp Nou match between Barcelona and Valencia were less than half the stadium’s capacity, prompting the club to raise concerns about the ‘El Clasic’. Koh’ may have less fans watching the game than expected.

Barcelona returned to winning ways after beating Valencia 3-1 on Sunday. But the Azul Grana side are also concerned about the less than expected number of fans attending the Camp Nou game at 50 per cent of the stadium’s capacity. According to reports from Mundo de Portibo on Monday.

After the Spanish Ministry of Health gave the green light to allow outdoor stadiums across the country to be open to fans at full capacity since late last week. The game between Barcelona and Valencia has the first chance to support 100 per cent of its supporters after facing a massive outbreak in 18 months. 

However, only 47,317 fans came to the Camp Nou game against the bat team, less than 50 per cent of the 99,354 seated total. While the price of tickets to the game has no less effect as well. After the club set the lowest price to 49 euros. 

Barça fans also lack confidence in Ronald Koeman’s performance this season. That has led the club to raise concerns that the first round of El Clasico on Sunday October 24 will see less fans at the Camp Nou than expected. As the Azul Grana team set the lowest ticket price of 99 euros.